Raw materials drive innovations in construction

Construction (General)

Product Application
Polyurethane raw materials / systems Insulation Board, Insulation Spray, Metal Siding, Window Profile, Water Proofing
Polycarbonate and polycarbonate blends Carport, Panel wall, Roofing etc.
Polycarbonate sheets Greenhouse etc.
Coating Raw Materials Construction and industrial flooring, Corrosion protection for metal structures, Decorative coatings, Anti-graffiti coatings, Road markings, Park deck coatings, Residential construction, Waterproofing membrances, Parquet coatings
Adhesive and Sealant Raw Materials Construction adhesives and sealants for exterior and interior applications
Polycarbonate Films Interior design (rooms), Freedom of design for surfaces
TPU-Films Roof Plastic liners


Product Application
Polyurethane raw materials / systems Sports Track, Railway Sleeper, Ground Stabilization