Environment-conscious products

Industry Product Application Category
Transporta­tion Poly­carbonate and poly­carbonate blends Glazing, Lightweight headlights Energy Saving
Transporta­tion Automotive coating raw materials Automotive coating Environ­ment, Quality
Transporta­tion Adhesive raw materials Automotive adhesives Environ­ment, Quality
Construction Polyurethane raw materials / systems Insulation Board, Insulation Spray, Window Profile
Energy Saving
Construction Coating Raw Materials Construction and industrial flooring, Corrosion protection for metal structures, Decorative coatings, Anti-graffiti coatings, Road markings, Park deck coatings, Residential construction, Waterproofing membrances, Parquet coatings Quality, Efficiency, Environ­ment
Construction Adhesive and Sealant Raw Materials Construction adhesives and sealants for exterior and interior applications Quality, Environ­ment
Electro / Electronics Poly­carbonate and poly­carbonate blends EV charging station housing, LED, Smart meter housing, Solar panel Energy Storage
Electro / Electronics Elastomers Casting of transparent LED's Energy
Electro / Electronics Poly­carbonate Films LED, Diffusor and reflector films, Interior light design
IT & Communica­tion Poly­carbonate and poly­carbonate blends Smart-phone housing, Ultrabook / Media tablet housing Energy Manage­ment
IT & Communica­tion Coating Raw Materials Coating for computer / tablet housing, Plastic coating, Cast elastomers Quality, Environ­ment
IT & Communica­tion Adhesive and Sealant Raw Materials Adhesives for plastic films, Tapes, Laminates Quality, Environ­ment
IT & Communica­tion Hardcoated Films Films for smart­phone display Quality