Production- and development site of DIC Covestro Polymer

Sakai Plant

Since the foundation of DIC Covestro Polymer Ltd. (DCP) in 2000, the Sakai Plant has been serving as the production- and development site for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

TPU, which has excellent basic physical properties and being environmentally friendly is used in a wide range of industrial fields such as automotive, home appliances, telecommunications equipment, healthcare and sports equipment. In order to further improve product quality and to expand the market, DCP is strengthening its R&D, while at the same time enhancing production capabilities to achieve even safer operations, higher quality, and cost competitiveness, so that high-spec products can be supplied in order to meet the demands of customers. 

In terms of R&D, DCP is taking full leverage of Covestro Group's global technology exchange and network enabling rapid product development to meet future market needs.

DCP will continue to address environmental issues and safety, while putting an emphasis on compliance, and all its employees will do their utmost to keep on being a company that is trusted by the society as the leading company for TPU.

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